How Can I Compress Large Log Files On Windows 2008 Server?

Select the file or files that you want to add to the already created zip file. If you want to select multiple files then hold CTRL, click on each file one by one. Compressing the files can help speed up transfer time. To safely transfer files, businesses turn to secure file compression with encryption, which […]

Converting Text To Numbers Using Vba In Excel

It’s not exclusively for encyrpting a Notepad file but all file types. Follow the below steps to protect your Notepad file from leaking to the public. Java Web Start has been added in the Java Runtime Environment since the release of Java 5.0. The numerous Notepad alternatives provide different features for different tasks. Therefore, it […]

How To Change Font In Notepad++

The Combine window will pop up and offer to insert the filename and a line of dashes before each text file and a line of asterisks with optional line feed after. By pressing OK a new text file will be created in Notepad++ with all opened text files combined, save it as a new TXT […]

How To Limit Download Speed In Google Chrome

Therefore ensuring all your torrent downloads is trusted and verified. Not all torrent sites have a bad reputation as they simply fly under the radar unnoticed. We have a blog on complete list of that you should definitely check out. Private trackers often have better quality and availability of media, some even specialize in what […]